Top Ways to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

If you drive trucks for a living, you know that there are dangers inherent in your line of work. Still, there are many steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

Purchase Insurance

In every state except New Hampshire, your truck must be insured, and you must store the proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times. However, hospital bills quickly become too high to manage, so you also should have health insurance in case of an accident. If you don’t have health insurance through your company or you can’t afford the copays, you may be eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

Drive Safely

This may seem like a no-brainer, but after a few months on the road, you’ll feel so comfortable in your cab that you let your attention wander. No matter how experienced you are, driving always needs your full attention. Watch out for speed limit changes, pedestrians, unusual lane shifts, and construction, all of which make it hard to drive safely. As you cross state lines, be aware of different driving laws. For example, in some states, it is illegal to pass people using the right lane. Additionally, consider registering with an MCA motor club so that if you receive a ticket, you automatically have help fighting it in court.

Get Enough Sleep

Being tired at the wheel is a recipe for disaster. There’s no way you can stay alert enough to drive hundreds of miles of highway if you only got three or four hours of sleep the night before. If you have an infant at home, work out an agreement with your partner to sleep in a different room than the baby the night before you leave. If you live alone, turn off your phone, TV, and computer at least an hour before bedtime. By taking these simple steps, you ensure that your time on the road is as safe as possible.

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