Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Repair Shop

Whether your vehicle is a point of special interest for you or simply something that gets you to and from work every day, you want it to be in safe working order and well taken care of. This means choosing to have maintenance and repairs done at a reputable shop. When you need auto body repair Denver CO, use these tips to help you find a shop that will love your car as much as you do.

Get More Than One Estimate

The first thing you probably wonder is how much maintaining your vehicle will cost. Keep in mind that some auto body shops are in it for the money, not for their love of your car. To ensure you are paying a fair price, get estimates from at least three different shops. This will give you a good idea of what you should be paying. Remember, the most expensive service isn’t always the best, but choosing the cheapest may not be a good idea either. Consider your gut feeling and any online reviews as well.

Ask About the Employees

Keeping your car in good working order means ensuring only true professionals are working on it. When choosing an auto body shop, ask how the owner picks employees. Have they undergone special training, or do they all learn as they go? Are the employees licensed and certified auto body technicians? Do they have insurance and do they undergo ongoing training? All of this matters when it comes to determining who the best candidate is to work on your car.

Put Everything in Writing

Contracts are essential in nearly every type of business deal, and auto body work is no exception. If a repair shop refuses to provide you with a written estimate, chances are they are being shady. Never work with a shop that won’t provide an estimate that includes a detailed list of the services and parts you’re paying for as well as deadlines for when the work will be completed.

Choosing the right auto body repair shop will help you save time and money, not to mention relieve your stress while you’re without your vehicle. Don’t be afraid to begin seeking out a shop long before you actually need one. This will help you to find the one that best meets your needs.

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