Important Steps To Take Before Beginning Construction

If you want your construction project to be safe for workers as well as structurally sound, there are certain steps of preparation you need to take before you can begin work on the structure itself. The land will need to be manipulated so that it is ready to be built upon.


This one may seem obvious, but one of the first things you’ll want to do is clear the land of all “jungle”- trees, shrubs, brush and weeds. You may need special equipment for some of the larger trees and roots. The resulting woody biomass should be mulched if possible, as this can then used later on in the project if appropriate or it can be sold to create additional revenue.


Once you are ready to begin excavating, you’re going to want to be doing so in a dry, stable environment- especially if you will be working below the water table or on a slope. This is where mechanical dewatering comes in. This process involves pumping from sumps and wells to lower the water table temporarily. Be sure to pay special attention to where you are pumping the water out to, so you are not causing any damage. Different rules apply to storm water drains, lakes or wetland areas.


Now that the work environment is clear, safe and dry, you can complete excavation and begin leveling the earth on your project. Fill in any holes that you may have created during the previous processes and flatten any hills. Grade the plot so that water will not drain towards the base of the structure that you are building. Excess soil should be removed from the site. Make sure that you have all of the proper equipment ready to go.

Getting these tasks checked off of your list is essential for any construction site. Without this necessary work, whatever you build may be compromised. Get the land clear, level and dry before starting anything.

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