3 Facilities You Need at Your Disaster Relief Site

Natural disasters, such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires, can wipe out homes and create the need for emergency temporary shelter. To be successful, disaster relief sites need to be planned ahead of time, so that resources can be quickly procured and set up when a disaster occurs. These three facilities are essential to any disaster relief site.

1. Showers

If people are going to be staying in your shelter for more than a day or two, they are going to need a place to take a bath. Disaster relief showers can be rented and set up quickly. These portable shower trailers are available in a variety of sizes. ADA compliant shower stalls are available. The trailers provide amenities such as hot water, soap dispensers, vanities, heat and air conditioning and more.

2. Housing

Temporary housing is one of the most important components of a disaster relief site. For short stays, a school gym or community building with cots may be sufficient; however, more privacy and space are desirable for longer-term housing. Small mobile homes are one commonly used option. Sturdy tents designed for festivals or disaster relief are another. 

3. Restrooms

Restroom facilities are a must-have for any disaster relief site. If you are planning on using a building, it should have restroom facilities available; however, they may not be sufficient for the number of people you plan to house. Traditional portable restrooms, such as those used at camp and construction sites, can be rented in large quantities. Another option is to rent portable restroom trailers.

To be able to get a disaster relief site set up quickly, you need to make plans for where you will house people and where you can rent or purchase equipment ahead of time. These three components are an important part of any disaster relief site. 

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