Which Is Better: Rebuilding a Diesel Pump or Replacing It?

If you’re looking to get more out of your engine’s performance, sometimes you just need to make an upgrade to the equipment you’re working with. This is true whether you’re using stationary diesel fuel pumps in a shop application or working on your vehicle’s engine. When it comes to a performance upgrade, there are only two options apart from a new vehicle. You can rebuild the pump you have with parts designed to give it more power and performance efficiency, or you can buy a totally new one with the right fitment for your engine. Is one better?

Benefits of a Rebuild

A good high pressure oil pump rebuild kit provides you with a virtually identical upgrade profile to an equally powerful and well-engineered ground-up replacement. That’s if you’re careful about comparing apples to apples and not accidentally looking at two different tiers of pump upgrade. Rebuilding is also usually more feasible, expense-wise, because it doesn’t require the disposal of a complete pump unit. The kit for the rebuild will tell you what you’re getting for capacity and pressure tolerances, so it’s really just a matter of making sure you are getting the right price on the upgrade with the power you need.

Benefits of a Replacement

A total unit replacement might be expensive, but it does mean installing a totally fresh piece of equipment with its own burn-in period and expected lifespan. If your pump has been through a rebuild for repair a couple times already, it might be time to invest in a fresh one. Otherwise, it’s probably going to be more cost effective to stick to the rebuild. Both can get you what you want, so it should be a matter for the balance sheet to decide unless there are mitigating circumstances like end of expected life for a part or a deal that just can’t be turned down.

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