What Are Gun Modifications and Are They Legal?

If you call yourself one of this country’s many gun enthusiasts, keep in mind you can always enhance your firearm by adding any number of custom modifications to your piece.

What Can Gun Modifications Do?

Common gun alterations do all sorts of things, from making your firearm more accurate to improving comfort. You may wish to change your gun’s caliber or simply improve its aesthetic qualities. No matter your choice, let your gun match your individuality.

What Are Some Specific Types of Gun Modifications?

Many firearm conversions are available for discerning gun aficionados. Cosmetic gun fixes might include metal engraving or woodwork. Caliber corrections, on the other hand, involve complete rechambering. If you wish to use a less expensive cartridge, for example, such an adjustment would be needed. Other alterations, such as adding a rifle barrel to a shotgun or transforming a handgun into a carbine, are equally extreme. Still, other adaptations, like a glock trigger kit, are far simpler. Although they take less than two minutes to install, they completely redesign your weapon’s trigger system.

What Gun Modifications Are Legal?

Not all gun modifications are legal and laws vary by state. Making an illegal gun modification could potentially bring about fines or jail time, so it’s your responsibility to remain in the clear. For starters, all gun owners must avoid adding bump stocks or turning firearms into machine guns. If you are ever unsure whether or not a desired variation conforms to the law, consult an attorney before taking action.

The firearms world comes bursting with fun, enticing options that alter your gun’s form, function or appearance at affordable prices. Keep in mind, there exists a high cost for failing to follow the law. Before making any changes, be positive you are not about to cross any legal boundaries that could jeopardize your freedom.

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