Advantages and operation of the vacuum lifter

When doing work on the construction site, objects such as cartons, sacks, drums, wooden panels and many other applications must be moved.

And this is the purpose of the vacuum lifter, which is able to put order in a very fast way. Thanks to the intuitive control, it is possible to carry out the loads quickly, precisely, ergonomically and in any position. It is the ideal helper for loading machines, for shipping and order picking sectors and for many other lifting tasks.

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VACUUM LIFTER: how it is composed

The vacuum lifter is made up of a vacuum generator, lifting unit, control unit and suction cups. In short, only the vacuum is used to lift and lower the load. But how does this suction and load lifting work? In practice, the vacuum generator (pump, blower or ejector) forms a depression in the system through continuous suction of the air. By taking advantage of the existing gap with ambient pressure, the suction cup and the workpiece are pushed against each other. In current language we speak of “aspiration”. The flow rate causes the lifting tube to contract with the sucked piece. The piece is lifted.

Load lowering and releasing in vacuum lift systems

Just rely on the control button, and atmospheric air (“ventilation”) is conducted inside the system. Thus the void is partially dismantled. The lifting tube thus extends again and the load is lowered. By adjusting the atmospheric air, the lifting stroke can be adjusted with great precision. To release the load, the vacuum is completely dismantled by means of maximum ventilation for the control element (pressing the control button).

VACUUM LIFTER: all advantages

Wanting to list the advantages, we can trace them back to: Productivity increase thanks to handling and loading times Safe and damage-free grip with vacuum Minimization of downtime due to illness Increased employee motivation Handling with one operator A good to see therefore the operation of the vacuum lifter is easy, practical and comfortable. The workers can use it in total safety and can also speed up their work process.

In short, in any construction site there is a vacuum lifter, the activities are carried out with a prowess far ahead. All that remains is to go in search of the model that best suits your needs, given that in any case there are many supplier companies on the market, ready to give the perfect solution to those who need it.

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