4 Steps for Successful Concealed Carrying

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to conceal carry. To become a concealed carrier of a firearm there are certain steps to follow for it to happen successfully. 

Step 1: Obtain a Permit

To get your permit to conceal carry you will want to find someone who is certified. It will take the practice of gun safety and use. You will learn things like control, stance and grip. Also, the knowledge of laws and liabilities is important. You will want to make sure your training is in person and not just from a textbook.

Step 2: Find a Holster

There are many places you can choose to conceal your firearm. Some chose waistband holsters and others like concealed carry ankle holsters. You will want to find a holster that fits specifically to your gun for optimal use. 

Step 3: Get Used to the Lifestyle

Having a gun on you at all times can be a total life change. You need to get used to how uncomfortable it can feel with its weight and clunkiness. You also need to remember that if it is truly concealed, no one can see it so you don’t need to think or worry about it too much. You can just live your normal life, but it may take some time. 

Step 4: Understand Why You Want To Conceal Carry

One very important step to keep in mind the whole time you are concealed carrying is to know why you are doing it in the first place. If your goal is the safety of you and those around you, make sure that you keep that in mind. Sometimes pulling out a gun can make a situation unsafe when a different solution may have been more reasonable. Make sure you are aware of what instances your gun can and should be used in. 

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